About Us

The Carlsbad Village Theatre has been owned and operated since 1993 as a multi-purpose entertainment venue by Carlsbad residents, Tom & Judy McMahon.

…. “Our goal is to provide the unique amenities of the historic Carlsbad Village Theatre as a venue for local residents and visitors to enjoy a broad scope of contemporary entertainment choices.” ….

The Theatre’s rich history of uses has ranged from the original black & white silent movies and vaudeville shows in 1927, to it’s variety of contemporary multi-purpose entertainment uses today, such as:

  • Live Stage Performances ( Concerts – Dance – Standup Comedy & Plays )
  • Cinema Screen Presentations ( Film Festivals – Sports, Indie & Documentary Films),
  • Business & Education Seminars ( Large Screen Video, PowerPoint & Web Site presentations together with live interactive streaming video broadcasts),
  • Private Corporate and Public Civic Meetings & Community Events (Guest Speakers, Sales Meetings, Employee Training and Topics of Public Interest) ,
  • Religious Outreach & Holiday Services (Religious Film Screenings and Festive Holiday Events),
  • Prospective Theatre renters: event producers, corporations, private entities, and other interested parties are encouraged to visit our web site’s “Theatre Rental Section” herein, for a more particular description and photo galleries of the Theatre’s contemporary amenities and its multi-purpose entertainment capability. Interested parties may also visit our “Prior Event Section” herein, for a summary of our event rental history by performance categories.

A major renovation was completed in 2000 that included a new: cinema screen, stage, carpet, drapes, projection booth and an upgrade to the electrical power/distribution service together with a comprehensive upgrade to the audio equipment, cinema projection equipment and stage lighting fixtures. The foregoing AV Tech amenities have been upgraded annually to keep pace with current technology and the needs of our contemporary event producers.