Parking for Theatre

On-street Public Parking Spaces

Performance Attendees may park their vehicles in any available on-street public parking spaces, subject to the following municipal “Parking Time Limits”:

There is a three (3) hour time limit for all public on-street parking spaces during the daytime hours of 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Saturday in the Carlsbad Village Area.

(Note: there is no time limit for on-street public parking in the village after 6:00 pm on Monday through Saturday, or all day Sunday)

Off-street Public Parking Spaces

Coaster Train Station Parking Spaces

Performance attendees may park their cars in the Coaster Train Station parking areas (510+ Spaces) directly across the street from the Theatre after 6 pm on Coaster Commuter Weekdays (Monday thru Friday) and all day on Coaster Commuter Weekends (Saturday & Sunday).

(Note: Alternative Attendee Parking – Performance attendees may park their cars at the most northerly end of the Coaster Train Station parking area prior to 6 pm on Coaster Commuter Weekdays (Monday thru Friday). Historically, these parking spaces (approx. 150 spaces) are not used by Coaster Commuters.

Alternative Attendee Parking Map

  • Legend: A. = Carlsbad Village Theatre
  • Legend: B. = 2659 Stte St. (Direct access driveway to Alternative Attendee Parking).
  • Legend: C. = Alternative Attendee Parking Area. “Free Parking”

Short-term Performance Personnel Parking

Performance Personnel may park directly in front of the Theatre on State Street or in the alley at the rear of the Theatre for ACTIVE SHORT TERM LOADING AND UNLOADING OF EQUIPMENT ONLY for the scheduled Performance.

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