Staging Options & Amenities

The Theatre has a highly visible permanent stage that is 26 feet wide by 12 feet deep and 22 inches high. The Stage is an upgraded “Bil Jax stage system” that was constructed by connecting the standard Bil Jax modules (4 feet by 4 feet) together to form the foregoing configuration. Each module is also […]

Stage Lighting Amenities

The Theatre’s Stage Lighting Amenities are comprised of Standard Theatrical Stage Lighting equipment & instruments, along with Optional Stage Lighting equipment & instruments and House Lighting equipment and instruments, as follows: Standard Theatrical Stage Lighting equipment & instruments (1) Leprecon LP 612 12 channel console ( aka controller board) that provides users with many high […]

Audio Amenities – AV Tech Area & Stage Area

The House Audio Visual Amenities are channeled and controlled through the Theatre’s Concert Event mixer (Yamaha Mixer (MG32 / 14FX), together with its supporting components more particularly described below. In-House Concert Event Mixer & its supporting components  Yamaha Mixer (MG32 / 14FX) : 32 Input Channels, 24 mic + 4 stereo line inputs, 14 Busses […]

Cinema Screen Amenities

The Theatre’s Cinema Screen Amenities are typically comprised of three components: Cinema Screen, LCD Projector and various digital media sources such as: our in-house Blu Ray disc player, DVD disc player, desktop PC computer that can be used as a disc player, file player, or as the connectivity component to our dedicated internet access as […]

Business Seminar & PowerPoint Show Amenities

The Theatre’s Business Seminar & PowerPoint Show Amenities are similar to the in-house Cinema Screen, LCD Projector and Video / Audio components described herein, except for the particular media source options to accommodate the Business Seminar users as follows: The Theatre’s PowerPoint media source component is typically Theatre’s desktop PC Computer. However, the Lessee’s laptop […]