Audio Amenities – AV Tech Area & Stage Area

The House Audio Visual Amenities are channeled and controlled through the Theatre’s Concert Event mixer (Yamaha Mixer (MG32 / 14FX), together with its supporting components more particularly described below.

In-House Concert Event Mixer & its supporting components

  1.  Yamaha Mixer (MG32 / 14FX) : 32 Input Channels, 24 mic + 4 stereo line inputs, 14 Busses (Stereo, 4 Groups, 6 AUX, 2 FX), Low Noise, High Precision Mic Preamps, Phantom Power switches + insert I/O, 3-Band Channel EQ (Mid Sweep) + HPF, Dual SPX Digital Effects, Sweepable LPF for Mono Out, Talkback Input.
  2. 24 Channel 150 foot XLR snake from rear of Stage to Concert Event Mixer (in-place).
  3. (2) 500 watt Jewel speakers. (Mounted on wall-shelf to right and left of Stage for Standard Non-Concert Event)
  4. (1) 825 watt powered amplifier, Pioneer Model M-V3000, AC 120V, 60Hz, 1130 VA max power 500W/channel. (dedicated to serve the above 500 watt Jewel speakers)
  5. (2) 500 watt JBL Control 30 three-way high output speakers with extended bandwidth and extremely smooth frequency response.
  6. (1) 825 watt powered amplifier, Pioneer Model M-V3000, AC 120V, 60Hz, 1130 VA max power 500W/channel. (dedicated to serve the above 500 watt JBL 30 three-way high output speakers)
  7. (2) LINE 6 – STAGESOURCE L3s – 1200 watt powered Subwoofer System
  8. (4) JBL EON Power 10 powered speakers (6.6 amps), 110 watts each with 800 watt maximum and auxiliary receptacles. These JBL’s are used for stage monitors during live concerts and for other supplemental audio uses.
  9. (2) Speaker tree(s), adjustable height, tripod base. (These speaker trees are typically placed on the floor level at the forward corners of Stage-Right & Stage-Left to accommodate the 500 watt Jewel main speakers described above for live band concerts ).
  10. 31 Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer(s) (Behringer UltraGraph Pro FBQ 3102), Extremely fast FBQ feedback detection system, Audio Analyzer Function, Adjustable Mono Subwoofer output, High Precision high and low pass filters… More
  11. (4) Ultra-DI boxes (Behringer Active DI-Box Model DI 100) XLR and 1/4 phone connections for input and link output, prevents hum and eliminates ground loop problems, ground lift switch…More
  12. (1A) Shure Cordless Microphone
  13. (1A) Shure Wireless Lavalier Microphones
  14. (1A) Shure Dual Channel Receiver for # 11 & #12 above (located in the main mixer rack)
  15. (8) Shure model SM58 unidirectional dynamic microphones (hand-held cable mics)
  16. (13) Boom mic stands, tripod base
  17. (5) Standard mic stands, round base
  18. (1) Sony DVP360 DVD/CD Player with: Dolby Digital Output, DTS Output, VO-Bit Video DAC and Smooth Scan Search
  19. (1) CD Rewritable Recorder (TASCAM CD-5000), single disk