Staging Options & Amenities

The Theatre has a highly visible permanent stage that is 26 feet wide by 12 feet deep and 22 inches high. The Stage is an upgraded “Bil Jax stage system” that was constructed by connecting the standard Bil Jax modules (4 feet by 4 feet) together to form the foregoing configuration. Each module is also fitted with standard Bil Jax adjustable steel risers for legs (20 inches tall with rubber footings). The stage floor was also upgraded by adding 1-1/2″ plywood tongue and groove floor sheeting and commercial carpeting to the stage surface. It is both strong and extremely quiet for performers. Access and egress to the stage is via stairs ( 22 inches high – 2 stair risers ) to stage left and stage right.

The staging system also includes optional 40 inch high safety rails and/or 8 foot high wall panels which are mounted along the back-line of the stage when needed for particular events

In summary, stage can be used with, or without the optional safety rails and back-line wall panels

  • Without both the optional back-line safety rails or wall panels: the stage background is an attractive floor to ceiling pleated cinema screen title curtain (Garnet red color).
  • With the optional safety rails: the safety rails along the stage back-line are covered with custom fitted cloth (Garnet red or black color) and the above background above the safety rails is the foregoing attractive floor to ceiling pleated cinema screen title curtain (Garnet red).
  • With the optional back-line wall panels: the stage becomes a “room” for live stage performances (plays, concerts, musicals & dance) with the floor to ceiling pleated cinema screen title curtain (Garnet red color) above in the background. Many live stage performance producers choose to utilize a portion of the cinema screen area ( approx. 9 feet vertical X 26 feet horizontal ) immediately above the back-line wall panels to project PowerPoint images for added scenery to compliment their on-stage performance theme scenery & props.

The Theatre’s backstage area is a large flexible open area (approx. 1,000 sf) with a long dressing room table, moveable garment racks, a privacy changing area, one restroom and storage areas for the multiple props used for the live performances. The backstage area has direct access from both the stage-left and stage-right corridors to the stage.

The above 2 (two) rear stage-left and stage-right corridors also have direct access to the small rear patio area and alley for convenient performance scenery load-in and strike.