Welcome to The Carlsbad Village Theatre

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Who We Are

The Carlsbad Village Theatre is centrally located in the “Carlsbad Village Core Area” (2822 State Street), directly across the street from the “Coaster” Train Station. The Village ambiance includes popular beachfront motels, retail shops, coffee houses, pubs, and a variety of indoor and outdoor dining opportunities (all within walking distance to the Theatre). Free on-street and off-street public parking is available throughout the Village and at the 510 space Coaster Train Station lot during non-commuter days/hours (after 5:30 PM on weekdays and all day on Saturday and Sunday).

Rental Information

The Theatre has been operating continuously since 1995 as a contemporary multi-purpose entertainment venue. A major renovation was completed in 2000 that included: a new cinema screen, raised stage, carpet, drapes, projection booth, increased electrical power and new electrical distribution system, new marquee faces together with a comprehensive inventory of audio / visual / lighting equipment. Additional improvements and upgrades to our operating amenities have been made annually to maintain the Theatre’s competitiveness as a multi-purpose entertainment venue. Please visit the following Rental pages in this Section (Stage Options & Amenities – Stage Lighting Amenities – Audio Amenities – Cinema Screen Amenities – Business Seminar & Power Point Amenities – Other Marketing Support Services) and their Photo Galleries for more specific information on the Theatre’s amenities.

The Theatre has a rich history of uses that range from its original black & white silent movies and vaudeville shows, to its multi-purpose entertainment uses today, such as: Live Stage Performances (Concerts, Plays, Stand Up Comedy, Musicals, Dance), Large Cinema Screen Presentations (Film Festivals, Documentary and Sports Action Films), Business Seminars(HD DVD & PowerPoint Presentations) , Corporate Meetings, Fundraisers, Special Events and More.

Our current performance schedule and ticket information can be found in our “Coming Events & Ticket” Section , and a summary of our Performance History along with its photo gallery can be found in our “Prior Events” Section of this web site: www.carlsbadvillagetheatre.com

The Theatre has 334 seats and is available on an event / performance rental basis for the multiple entertainment uses shown above.

…. “Our goal is to provide the historic Carlsbad Village Theatre together with its unique contemporary amenities as a venue for local residents and visitors to enjoy a broad scope of entertainment experiences.” …. Welcome to The Carlsbad Village Theatre! …. Tom & Judy McMahon